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In a galaxy far far away…

Over 31 years ago, Nigel and Mamie discovered they both shared an intolerance of poor service and were often frustrated by the low level of interaction they received as paying customers (this is still true now) and there are no end of reports about Nigel, in particular, having broken multiple telephones when trying to get satisfaction.

They knew they “could do IT better” and Multidata was born. Their mantra was simple, “offer great service and make it easy for people to do business with us”. This proved highly successful, so much so that in 1996 they won the DTI Exporter of the year and added Apple, HP and Siemens to their customer list.

As the internet was exploding in the 90s Multidata moved into the Broadband and Telecoms Services market with the idea of offering top-notch services to Local Authorities across the UK. 

As the new kids on the block, it was safe to say that Local Authority IT Managers were cautious at first, after all, nobody ever got fired for buying BT did they! However, quite a number were intrigued enough by the Multidata proposition (twice the speed for half the price) to try a single broadband line. One quickly became two, two became four and so on until in some cases it became hundreds.

It wasn’t long before Local Authorities across the UK and businesses of all shapes and sizes wanted to join the party.

Three decades later…

Now with many broadband fans both large and small raving about them, Multidata started to get asked: “could you please provide my phone lines too?”. 

If you then insert leased lines, managed wi-fi, routers, voice over IP and mobile telecoms for the words “phone lines” and add to that the fact that they always listen to their customers, you will understand why Multidata has become



  • We don’t have an overseas call centre and we are open 24/7/365 for support
  • We don’t have complicated order placement procedures (a simple email will do)
  • We have very flexible billing to suit you
  • We know what we are doing, and our expertise is free for you to use to best effect
  • Every customer is  a VIP customer
  • We provide free data connection management and monitoring
  • Nobody gets fired when they buy our services
  • We do everything BT does but for better value and with better support
  • We are good fun



  • 5

    “We needed a creative solution to the pressing problem of lack of bandwidth. Multidata not only came up with a brilliantly cost-effective proposal, but they also implemented it in no time at all and with no downtime. First Class all the way, these guys are great!”

    Shaun Wilkinson,
    Managing Director

  • 6

    “Our phones looked like part of the museum but not any more! The transition to the new Multidata SipStream system was very smooth, if we had any issues there was always someone we could talk to. We love the auto attendant and the ease of recording details of upcoming events and opening hours”

    Emma Warren,
    Museum Curator

  • 4

    “I just couldn’t fault the guys at Multidata. We took our time deciding to roll this out but once we said GO, that was it, action stations. Their project management was faultless and everything went like clockwork.”

    Tina Ackary,
    Managing Director

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    “It’s great. The call quality is as good as a regular service and I really like the fact that I can use an application on my iPhone from anywhere and be part of the VoIP system. Altogether, very straightforward!”

    Paul Herbert,

  • 3

    “Everyone we worked within the Multidata team performed brilliantly as did the ADSL/phone lines they delivered. Their handholding really helped us through what could have been a stressful time. Our deadlines were immovable and they met every one of them”

    Lorraine Heath,
    Deputy Superintendent

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