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Thank you for visiting our site. The fact that you have got this far is, we think because you currently have one or more issues within your local authority that are causing you angst.

Clearly, we don’t yet know what these are, but chances are we can help. If one of your problems relates to lack of service, support or is just simply a lack of response from a supplier such as BT it may comfort you to know that 95% of the local authority customers we support now were once originally BT customers.

If you do decide to give us a try for broadband, leased line, managed Wi-Fi, mobile or voice over IP we will:

  • Provide you with a VIP card and VIP phone number to call anytime any day for support
  • Provide you with an account manager who will take personal care of your needs
  • Provide a tailored billing pattern that works for you
  • Provide best quality business services at competitive prices so you get the best of both worlds
  • Provide you with free management and monitoring on our broadband and leased line connections……just like Solar Winds but for free!

All you have to do now is email nigel@multidata.co.uk asking for a callback or call 01793-674675 and choose option 1.