MobiStream Smallprint
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MultidataMobile Smallprint
  • You will be required to set up a Direct Debit payment for your service unless you are a Local Authority or Government Department.
  • The minimum contract period is just 3 months and if you want to disconnect or move away from MobiStream there is a £40 disconnection charge.
  • Unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited if you are unreasonable with your usage. Each month more than 10,000 minutes of landline/mobile and 10,000 texts would be unreasonable and you will be billed at the “out of bundle” prices (see below).
  • You need to “OPT IN” at the start of your contract if you want the World Traveller service, a daily charge only applies for any days on which you use it.
  • You can find all “out of bundle” charges listed on either the Vodafone or 02 web sites but essentially listed below are the key ones:
  • Excess data usage is very expensive so please keep an eye on your usage via your mobile phone settings. We do aim to alert you via email as soon as we can that you are reaching your limit but due to some time delays this isn’t always accurate and you may find you have exceeded your limit.  Inexpensive bolt on data is available at any time of the month to help with any periods where you need a bit more but please contact the sales and service delivery team in good time to request one.
    • Calls to Channel Islands and Isle of Man mobile and landline (starting 01481, 01534 or 01624) are 40pence per minute.
    • 0500, 0888, 0808 are 14 pence per minute with a 1 minute minimum call charge.
    • 0844, 0871 are 35pence per minute with a 1 minute minimum call charge.
    • 0845, 087 are 14 pence per minute with a one minute minimum call charge.
    • Charity Numbers are Free.
    • Premium Rate (09) are 60pence to £2.10 per minute (you don’t want to call these!).
    • Vodafone preferred Directory Enquiries 118881 are 85 pence per minute with a 1 minute minimum call charge.
    • Other 118 Directory Enquires are 85 pence to £3.75 per minute with a 1 minute minimum call charge.
    • International calls are as per the Vodafone/02 charges as listed on their web sites.