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Here at Multidata we just love to do things differently and it is probably fair to say that we have been doing just that since our inception in 1990. In two short years we became a brand leader in the UK dial up modem market and later went on to design and manufacture in the UK our own baseband modems that were so successful worldwide that we won the DTI Exporter of the Year award in 1996.

Nowadays we are best known as a key supplier of broadband and leased lines to Local Government.

The Multidata Mission

To provide a service delivery experience that is so incredibly and refreshingly different that our data, telecoms and IT networking solutions become the preferred choice of public sector companies and commercial organisations in the UK. In short we are on a mission to do IT differently.

What we do

The big difference

Doing things differently is what really makes us want to get out of bed in the mornings. You should notice it right away if you call us, not just the first time you call but anytime. You should notice it when you do business with us not just at the initial sale but after the sale whether you need billing, support or just a bit of free advice or help. In fact you should notice that this difference is ever present throughout our customer/supplier relationship with you.

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On the spot

  • “Throughout the many years that we have worked with Mulidata, the service and expertise they have delivered to PMG have been exceptional: Their professional manner and excellent product has proved that they are a forward thinking and capable service provider.”

    Teena Ackary,
    Managing Director,PMG



  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in getting our connection to Down Business Park up and running. Your efforts and focus have ensured that we have decent connectivity and are able to provide IT service to the transferring departments.”

    IT Manager
    Down District Council

  • Having had poor service from both Vodafone and Demon I was pleased that we got Multidata involved. They were the only company that carried out an on site survey and understood our needs. All up and running. I have to say that they did what they said would do and we have had a seamless transition. Great Service!

    Wyatt Tait,

  • ‘m thoroughly impressed the difference is astonishing! Thank you to the team at Multidata, I have no reservations in recommending you to other businesses looking for a different approach!


  • Just wanted to say we just had the engineer fit the broadband and it was super easy and we are on fast speed now! Absolutely excellent service and efficient! Thank you so much and thank you Andy for putting us in touch with Multidata!

    Alexia Massey,
    Conservation Africa

  • MessageStream is blocking in excess of 20,000 emails per week! That’s junk that used to be processed here, junk that would from time to time cause, our exchange server to hang requiring a reboot and network wide disturbance to recover from. it’s now quite rare to get spam mail here.


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